We strategically test new business models to help your ventures succeed over the next decade. We focus on testing new business models, provide strong sales support, a fully fletched digital marketing service and a hands on consulting service for your biggest challenges.

Test new business models.

We strategically test new business models for you. Whether you are launching a completely new venture or wish to transform your existing business we are here to help. Through our startup experience we know what it takes to launch a new, disruptive business model from scratch. With our traction framework we can help you getting the first clients within 1.5 months after launch. Get in touch to learn more.

Sales support.

Push your sales to new heights. We set up successful sales processes from scratch and 10x client bases as well as revenue. We know what it takes to win more clients and how you should position your product/service. We are mainly focused on B2B products and offer inbound and outbound sales tactics targeted to your venture.

Digital Services.

In today’s world you are out of business if you are not present in the digital world. Whether you are completely new to this world or already present but don’t really know how this works, let us guide you the way. We offer complete social media handling, marketing, website & content creation and search engine optimization.

Hands-on Consulting.

From entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – because we love what we do and worked in startups ourselves we know the challenges you are facing. Sometimes it’s really hard to see the way you should take. We can help you with strong guidance, hands on support and no bullshit consulting.


Unicorn Fund is an early stage seed fund with a focus on rapidly growing companies in the tech and software space. We help companies scale by providing marketing and advertising know-how.